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Anton Seals Principal

L. Anton Seals Jr. is a South Shore Chicago, IL native. Seals is a multidimensional, servant leader, organizer, entrepreneur, educator, community connector and impact producer.

Blending his varied interests, Seals has consulted with philanthropic, political leadership, corporate, and community based organizations to focus on authentic “equity in action” via community engagement, advocacy/policy and social enterprise development. Seals also works in the arts and cultural space, producing campaigns for nationally broadcasted documentaries.

Anton is currently the Lead Steward (Executive Director) of Grow Greater Englewood (GGE) Transforming vacant city lots into farm businesses via a network of Black and brown urban farmers. This social enterprise focuses on building an equitable and resilient local food system that fosters protections of vacant land in divested communities and focuses on connecting those residents with community wealth building opportunities. 

In 2019 Seals founded OURS, a vertical Cannabis and Hemp company. Seals is an Asset Based community development (ABCD) institute trainer, also located at DePaul University Steans Center. 

Anton is a 2018 Next City Vanguard Fellow and 2010 German Marshall Fellow. Seals serves as a Trustee for the Woods Fund of Chicago and on the board of Chicago Food Policy Action Council, Friends of the Park, and is Chair of the South Shore Works Planning Preservation Coalition. Seals has advised and counsels other organizers and activist, political and civic leaders, corporate and philanthropic organizations on pushing for a more racially just society.